Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360)

Quick Thoughts:
  1. This probably the best RPG story-line I can remember playing.  The characters were rich.  The plot was robust.  The options you made actually changed the outcome of the story in measurable ways.  The writers were outstanding. 
  2. Characters could specialize in lots of fun ways.  I found using stacked area affect spells particularly rewarding.
  3. Did I mention that the story-line awesome.  I mean, you save the world all the time in video games.  But this time, it really did seem like you were saving the world.  Fans of Tolkien would be impressed.
  4. Graphics were good. The 360 has spoiled me in terms of my expectation for great graphics.  They were good here, not outstanding.  It didn't matter.  Every other game element was great.
  5. OK, I do have one complaint.  At certain points in the game it becomes apparent that it was designed for the PC.  When the combat gets really difficult, you want to control all the member of your party at the same time.  With the 360 controller, this can be cumbersome.  With a mouse and keyboard it would be much easier.
  6. That compliant sounds pretty major.  It isn't.  The combat gets a little harder than maybe it should be, but diligence will get you through.
  7. I'm looking forward to playing through again using another character type (If I get around to it).
    Metacritic Score: 86

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